13 May 2009

[Artist] The Invincible Voice (I-Voice)

I-Voice stands for Invincible voice. The group consists of two Palestinians rappers living as refugees in Lebanon: Yassin aka Ray and Mohammad Turk aka T.N.T. I Voice started rapping in 2001. Ray a member of I Voice finished with Amir his first album that contains 10 tracks in 2006(ella mata volume 1). and works now with T.N.T. I-VOICE is today a revolutionary band that can not stop talking the truth.

At the moment, the group is working on a series of albums and are about to finish their second album (Ta7eyati). For I-Voice, rap is a diary which explains why they have auto-produced their work which allows them as well to be free . I-voice has also done a lot of concerts mainly in lebanon, while starting independently the group is now connected to a number of other hip hop crews.

They discovered a new style named trap (tarab rap)that consists of adding oriental instruments to the rap-style such as 3ood and tableh. The result is 100% arabic rap. Ray, founder of I Voice is now working with camps studio as teaching sound making, mixing and mastering. While Ray has been producing music since 2002, he offers his expertise to anyone who wants to get help in the music production field. I-voice have just built their home studio named TONG PRODUCTION (studio mokhayamat) TONG PRODUCTION: or al-Lesan production. Eventhough the studio is until now simply equipped, I voice works regularly in order to get it bigger, so that all the real underground MC’S will eventually get their tracks produced by: TONG PRODUCTION, I-VOICE,STUDIO MOKHAYYAMMAT

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i said...

they are amazing
u can check them out on


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