12 May 2009

[Artist] WE7 (Wlad El 7ara)

We7 - A shortcut name of "Boys of the Hood" and is pronounced "weh" - is one of the leading groups in the Palestinian hip hop scene. Adi Krayem (22), Anan Qsem (23) and Alaa Bishara(21) formed the group in 2001, after deciding to share their writings together and create songs. They've been performing locally ever since. Anan and Alaa come from the city of Nazareth, located in the north of what is now called Israel. And Adi comes from Kana village – a small village near Nazareth.

In spite of having blue Israeli Id’s, “We7” consider them selves a Palestinian rap band , when asked why, Alaa answered “let’s say France conquered Israel tomorrow, will the Israelis suddenly become French? I don’t think so, and besides, Israel is even younger than my grandfather”. We7's lyrical content is a reflection of their lives as Palestinians inside the Israeli borders, and is very much connected to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

Their lyrics touch a large variety of issues, ranging from the political and social problems that they face as Palestinians, to deep intellectual philosophys about there lives as individuals, and of course it wont be Hip Hop without some ego tripping.”We7” have managed to maintain their deep strong messages and still be clear enough to hit mainstream. We7’s music is a special combination between cultures, it combines Eastern melodies and Western beats, with mixed cultural musical ideas and styles of singing, features of the leading eastern O’ud player “Alaa’ Azzam” and others, give their hard Hip Hop beats a new level of musical uniqueness. Anan – the band’s producer – described there productions as “a bit out of every street”.

Given its street respect, We7 took part in every project in the Palestinian hip hop scene, worth mentioning its leading part of the ArabRap.net CD in 2002, which sold over 10000 copies locally, and their leading part in the “Sling Shot Hip Hop Soundtrack CD” in 2008 which is now selling thousands of copies worldwide, and the movie has until now premiered in the US, Dubai, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine and has one numerous festivals worldwide. We7 also took part in the “European Palestinian Hip Hop Tour 2008” and hundreds of other shows and events held all over Palestine, gaining the title “Visitors Favorites” in arabrap.net website with thousands of downloads.

“The Underground Studio” in Nazareth – We7’s home studio – is the home of Palestinian rappers and has been since 2003. Dam, Saz, El – 48 , Eyad Kassem , North Life , Scorpions, birds of darkness, Damar –along with We7 –are to be mentioned as a part of the “Under-Stood-Yo” record label. And the “Underground Studio” is now the place to visit when rap artist come to Palestine. Palestinian-American “Nizar” from the Philistines, Egyptian-Danish “Zaki”, Palestinian-Danish “Marwan” and Palestinian-English “Shadia Mansour” are a few of the international artists who have dropped by.

We7 have released their demo “Music to all my Peaple” produced in the Underground Studio in 2007, and has sold about 5000 copies in Palestine. The Underground Studio also produced a couple of songs for the “Dam – Mixtape” CD, and is currently producings “The Underground Studio – Mixtape” Cd which will include features of nearly all Palestinian rap artist. The Underground Studio Productions is beyond music. We7’s first Video clip entitled “Shu mfaker tu’ul?” – meaning “Got sumthin’ to say ? “ – is to be released soon with young Palestinian director “Sari Bisharat”. We7 are currently working on their first official international album "Sot El Samt" witch means "Voice of the Silence". And it is estimated to be released in spring 2009.

In The last couple of years, We7 are getting a noticeable increase in terms of international interest, since their first international live performance in Amsterdam in 2006. The show immediately gave them their second show in Amsterdam, a radio Feature in “NMO Radio” in Holland. And a feature show in Oslo. And uncountable International Media Coverage, such as: - Taking an important part in two University assessments, " Palestinian Rap : A new Intifada" by Raumene Rahatzad, a senior thesis paper presented in the Pitzer College USA, and "Academic Research on Palestinian rap" by Sharon Gonnen from the University of Tel-Aviv. - Taking part in the English "BBC – 1 extra - UK" documentary "hip hop in the holy land". - They are one of the most voted artists at the international website: www.naseeb.com, a Muslim Social Network website, with more than 350000 members. We7's international breakthrough is just getting started, and everyone is looking forward to hearing "Sot El Samt".

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