30 May 2009

Eslam Jawaad Album "The Mammoth Tusk" Is Out Now!!

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If we were to present an artist who’s worked with De La Soul, and toured the world with the Wu-Tang Clan, you’d be pretty excited. Well be prepared as we introduce Eslam Jawaad. The ex-Lebanese Mafia affiliate is now in the U.K and working hard on promoting his music to the masses.

Eslam Jawaad has previously worked with Damon Albarn (Good, Bad and The Queen) during a worldwide trip that boosted his international profile. The politically-inspiring artist has been described as “head-noddingly fresh”, and we’re promised powerful, star studded music on his debit album “The Mammoth Tusk”.

Eslam Jawaad has already released the single Rewind DJ with De La Soul. Major DJ’s and publications have already shown their support, as Eslam Jawaad readies the world for “The Mammoth Tusk” which has been scheduled for a release on the 6th July 2009.

01. Pivot Widdit 3:25
02. Star Spangled Banner 3:00
03. Tickle (Ft. Miskeena) 3:39
04. Rewind DJ (Ft. De La Soul) 4:36
05. Babba's Shotgun 1:21
06. Trick 3:07
07. Leave It Alone 3:06
08. It Wasn't Me (Skit) (Ft. Rude Jude & Lord Sear) 1:15
09. Criminuhl 3:18
10. Heave Ho 3:52
11. The Mammoth Tusk 4:18
12. Big Singaz (Ft. Levysil) 4:10
13. So Real (Ft. Shadia Mansour) 3:18
14. Alarm Chord (With Damon Albarn) 3:29
15. Beirut (Bonus Track) 3:51

You can find the album on:

Album Review and More Information about The Mammoth Tusk Album, Soon on Arabic hip Hop Headz Blog , Stay tune!

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