21 June 2009

Introducing… EQuBE

E-Qube an Iraqi talented composer currently operating from Sweden; started his musical journey toward the end of the year 1999 showing a wide interest in the rise of Hiphop music. However his creativity did not stop him from pinning his ears to various Electronic styles which was of a great interest and influence.

The Qube's music is a mysterious mixture of experimental electronics with down-tempo synthesizers, heavy bass lines, bouncy beats and oriental melodies or tech synthesizers with heavy weight beats playful bass lines and electronic tunes. He is not limited to one style or certain rule but you can sure always hear the old school hip hop drum lines and the trip hop swinging percussions.

Started romping around with computer softwares with a jagged talent to be sharpened and throughout the years to prove his widely artistic abilities he produced various music styles from down-tempo to hiphop, triphop, IDM, neurofunk and ragga beats.

E-qube continues to expand within this Electronic Dimension and lay out kick ass beats and funky melodies. With future projects on mind and an open mentality for collaborations with diverse artists E-Qube would be delivering pure talent and tunez that would sure be to you interest.

8 Minutes With EQuBEs Beats:

1 comment:

EQuBE said...

Big ups for the Support
Hope all is good
I wanna share more links here
So here is the link for my old Album `Clippers Van Mysta` 2006


And here is my trailer link
check it out




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