15 October 2009

UPDATES: The Musical Revolution Album

Holywar of Black Bannerz added this article on facebook one day ago, so i'm gonna Copy/Paste it :

"Musical Revolution"... is the name we have chosen for our Debut Full Double Album. We have chosen this name for we believe that the album is nothing but
a revolution. Revolution in the beat producing sounds, in the language usage, in the power of its thoughts and messages, and in its very approach to the audience. Choosing the Original Arabic tongue (Fus-ha) is a Revolution on its own.

As we approach the final stages of the Album Production, we feel that this is the right time to share an update with our supporters, where we can inform you about the project in a closer look, and to answer your questions.

This Album is the harvest of 2 years of pressure, efforts, and hard work. Only to maintain the best quality to this one of a kind project that will be a representation of a whole generation internationally. Because of that, we are obliged to keep working hard and maintain best qualities for such a Revolution to come out.

The Double Album holds 36 Tracks. 18 strong tracks for (Thawra Museekiya - The Arabic Side of the Revolution), and 18 strong tracks for (Musical Revolution -The English Side of the Revolution) all Produced by Orient Squad.

The Album reflects outstanding flowing techniques, selection of words, wordplay, storytelling, rebellious tracks, social issues, global matters, and defiantly a representation of the struggle of this region at all levels.

The Musical revolution is a double album. we feel that we should discuss them separately.

Side A: Thawra Museekiya (The Arabic Side)

This side of the album is a piece that is so unique for its region. the whole album is delivered in a Fus-Ha tongue. Listeners will be astonished at the potential and the bond between Hiphop and Fus-Ha, it’s almost like a perfect combination. Tracks of various skills, various topics, and various vibes. The Orient Squad production gives it a sound of with taste of underground raw beats, along with the turntablisim factor, gives the Black Bannerz music a very original trend.

On Thawra Museekiya, collaborations are with Malikah on 2 Tracks, Shadia Mansour on a Track, gave the Arabic Female Artists a share of the Revolution too.

Since Arabic is our Mother Language, and since the main objective of Black Bannerz lies within this side of the album, we decided to chose it as the Side A of the double album.

One more collaboration on Side A of the album and it is on the only bi-lingual track of the album. Recorded in both Fus-Ha Arabic and English approaching
two masses with One Message, Hasan Salaam, the revolutionary Hiphop artist from new Jersey, blessed the Side A with an ending verse for the album so it can close the Arabic Side and move to the English Side (Side B) with a fire blazing verse.

Side B: Musical Revolution

This is the International side of the Album. Recorded in, the most used language of our time, English.
This side carries the message and the voice of this region World Wide.
as we understand and lived witnessing the Lack of underground Hiphop music market, and Media in Arabia, and the false representation of what hiphop is by big corporate medias, we felt that this is a chance to introduce to Arab hiphop fans, a selection of the finest, most talented, most driving and most inspiring MCs from the United States, the motherland of Hiphop. and collaborated with them on the album so we can introduce them to this region and build bridges and closing the gap between Revolutionaries worldwide.

Just like Side A, Tracks varies in Subjects, skills, sounds and techniques.

The collaboration on this side of the Revolution is an outstanding phenomenon, for its rare to find such Calibers on one single project. yet all the Legends and MCs we have collaborated with showed enormous amount of Respect for the goals behind this project, and supported the movement with enormous passion and efforts and delivered some outstanding and exceptional verses.

The Musical Revolution Featuring:

-Immortal Technique
-Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks)
-King Magnetic (AOTP)
-Reef The Lost Cause (AOTP)
-Sean Price
-Kool G Rap
-Crooked I
-Nino Bless
-Scram Jones
-Chino XL
-Planet Asia
-Hell Razah
-Beyond Belief

There will be an official Track List in the right time for the both Sides.

The Side B of the Revolution is where we at right now, trying to finalize tracks and adjustments to make it sound at its best.

The Album will be available worldwide in two forms: Digital Copies (on-line Music Suppliers) - Physical Copy (Compact Discs distribution)

A large share of the Sales generated for this album will be for improving condition and lives of many struggling societies and people across the region. This part of the project will be revealed at a later stage. Non-Profit organization are waiting and encouraging the project, and showed full support to the movement too.

We feel that its still not the right time to commit a release date yet. Just because we cannot estimate fully, the date to be set, but we can assure that the revolution is closer than what some of you think. so keep looking out.

Videos and Snippets will also have a share of this revolution, and it is under process.

Look out for our next update. We hope that this update gave you a closer look on who we are. and what are we doing, and what is the next move.

Thank you for reading this far. We respect you and support you back. We will get your voices heard. We will work together hand in hand to up lift our nation.

Black Bannerz in the horizons


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